With a European first technology festival on Mobility and Logistics, Crocus Group gives a preview on how future mobility will look like and how logistics will change our life. MOBILISTIC´18 will run in parallel to MIAS (Moscow International Automobil Salon) from 29th August to 9th September 2018. Two men stand behind this futuristic concept: Emin Agalarov, VP of Crocus Group, and an Austrian.


MOBILISTIC'18 is an innovative technology festival, celebrating its world premiere in Moscow. Here visitors will be able to watch and experience new aspects of mobility and logistics that are already on the markets or will be in the nearest future. This year the festival focuses on e-mobility but is also open for projects on car sharing, autonomous driving, alternative fuel, transport infrastructure, space travel, smart cities and other innovations

"Crocus Groups leading idea is to DEVELOP THE FUTURE", says Emin Agalarov, First VP of Crocus Group, "That is why showing and experiencing progressive technology in mobility and transport is a strong and authentic approach for us."

Think sustainable

"Automobile manufacturers are becoming less interested in the classic car shows" says Georg Redlhammer, creative and conceptual mind behind the idea, "peoples way of getting from A to B is changing: we use Uber, Get Transfer, flying Taxi´s and share cars. Technologies are becoming more complex, incredible intelligent systems are being created for cars, however, all of them are united under one umbrella of thinking sustainable."

According to Georg Redlhammer, the ideological inspirer of the festival, the global transformation forces marketing in automobile industry to actively address the environmental issues. Not only in European markets as Austria and Switzerland where he has a wide automotive marketing experience, but now it is also time to spread green thinking in Russia. "People are prepared to be educated on environmental problems, to care about the air they breathe."

Visitors of the festival will have a very wide range of activities prepared for them:

  • Presentation: different companies, service providers and automobile brands will demonstrate their technological visions and solutions. This year electric vehicles will get special attention. "flying cars", autonomous driving concepts and even the travel to space are fantastic topics.
  • Test drive inside and outside: at the Crocus Expo parking, visitors will have an exclusive opportunity to test first time ever in Russia a variety of electric cars and experience autonomous driving in Crocus City. In the hall visitors are invited to test electric scooters and others.
  • Talk: high level speakers from all over the world will share their visions on mobility, logistics and sustainability during public talks.

MOBILISTIC'18 is a revolutionary concept to get a 360degree view on how mobility and logistics will merge in the future. Brands are looking for new ways to communicate the complexity of mobility systems and MOBILISTIC´18 is the first technology festival to experience the changes, and provides a bold footstep of green thinking in Russia.

"For Crocus Group, Mobilistic´18 will be an important signal to the market, that sustainability and taking care of the environment, is also relevant for Russia", says Emin Agalarov and ads "Expect much more to come from Crocus Group on getting along the message of think sustainable within this year".

All the ideas presented will be brought to life in the nearest future, some of them have already became a part of our lives at least in the test mode: electric cars, the Mission to Mars, space rockets, energy renewal systems, smart cities and drone delivery, new fuel cells, solar energy and much more. Mobilistic'18 is an adventure for the whole family, which will allow to get a sneak pick of the future. It is not necessary to actually understand how the technology works to be able to learn about it and experience the changes that are yet to come.

Georg Redlhammer (51) was born in Austria, started his career as a journalist and spent 10 years working as a marketing director in automotive industry across three markets (Austria, Switzerland and Russia). He is owner of consulting company "First League Communications" ( and from 2011 he has been working for Crocus Group as an advisor for First Vice President Emin Agalarov. Georg Redlhammer is the creative and conceptual mind behind the idea of Mobilistic'18.

«I have a dream that we spread the fantastic concepts, ideas and vision of sustainable moving and logistics in Russia. mobility systems and green thinking in Russia. My vision is to start with a bold technology festival a movement of sustainable thinking. I have the vision that you and I can make a difference...» Georg Redlhammer.

Crocus Group invites national and international companies to share their visions and solutions at Mobilistic´18. As the look&feel of the Expo is loft/pop-up style, with standardized stands ("clouds") participation costs are very low. Please feel free to contact us.

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Advisor of First VP Emin Agalarov Sales
Conceptual mind and project leader

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