He is a myth, a legend an icon. Wherever Steven Seagal appears, he fills the space with respect and awareness. Environmental thinking is in the genes of Steven Seagal. Steven was brand ambassador for Mobilistic’18.

For a long time Steven Seagal has not visited Austria. But in November 2019 it had been an honor to host him at Comiccon Vienna. 

Dieter Bohlen

With his concert at Crocus City Hall, Dieter Bohlen, head and composer behind MODERN TALKING, celebrated a great comeback to live stage in Russia. And we celebrated him with his own star at Vegas "WALK OF FAME".


The legendary tenor Placio Domingo was awarded with a star at "Walk of fame" at Vegas City, shopping mall of Crocus Group.


FLC was Co-producer for the arthouse film. Awared at several international festivals.

1291 Productions

Oliver Keller, a well known Hollywood Stuntmen, returned beginning 2021 to his homecountry switzerland. As friends and partners we develop new ideas and projects for TV and film industry.