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Be creative, listen, think different and stay foolish. You are the difference. (Georg Redlhammer)

We act as a team. Either we put a team together, or we integrate our service in your team. Georg Redlhammer as founder and owner of FLC, takes the role of the "communication quarterback." His playbook is filled with experience, ideas, visions and a strong international network. Depending on the task, we act very flexible and put together a strong core team depending on project requirements.

BOOK: MS-Meine Sache, Motherf*****

Die Black-Jack-Strategie gegen Multiple Sklerose (german only)

When Georg Redlhammer was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) in 2002, his world collapsed. His path of suffering seems to be mapped out. End of the line wheelchair. But he doesn't want to give up without a fight. The passionate card player goes in search of relief and miraculous healing. In doing so, he proceeds as with «Black Jack» - with courage, patience and strategy. From Indian gurus to mysterious witches, miracle healers to miracle candy makers - there is nothing he does not try to defeat MS. Without success. Then the dramatic turning point: He learns about a special stem cell transplant with chemotherapy (AHSCT) in Russia. Will this drastic method save him? What Georg Redlhammer experiences on his adventurous journey, what it all has to do with "Black Jack", which is the best lucky number and why he listens much more to what women have to say is what this book is about. A humorous, courageous and inspiring work on the path that not only opened up new worlds for the author, but ultimately also led to true "black jack".


FFP2, FFP3, GLOVES...We are a small, very well connected group to get best PPE´s in best quality to our clients. As strong USP we offer ESCROW, bank guarantee or L/C for supply products from China. We have exclusive access to governement controlled, white listed factory in China. Also products from Taiwan and Malaysia. All certificates for Europe and USA. SQS obligatory
Serious requests only with LOI and full transparency, to avoid scam and fake buyers.
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Georg Redlhammer has very strong ties to Crocus Group, Russia. As advisor of First VP Emin Agalarov, he focuses on marketing & sales activations on different levels for the Group.

CROCUS CITY, is a 90 ha satellite city in NW of Moscow, right at MKAD. It is the biggest retail development of Crocus Group in Moscow, with 3 shopping malls, Expo halls, music and entertainment halls, Ocenarium, several restaurants and more.

Ideal for marketing activations ATL & BTL for brands and products. With development of several "Manhattan"-style skyscrapers, the skyline of Crocus City will change within the next 10 years rapidly.

Partnership with EMIN as artist and ZHARA MUSIC, ZHARA RADIO, ZHARA FEST possible


With legendary Hollywood action hero Steven Seagal I am working on joint projects. He was brand ambassador and speaker of MOBILISTIC, the first russian exhibition on e-mobility 2018, invented by Georg Redlhammer for Crocus Group. Furthermore Georg has been responsible for Steven´s  appearance at Comicon Vienna 2018 and Steven´s intro and support of SHAOLIN MONK show in Europe 2019. More to come...